IT & Telecom

IT & Telecom

India has become the hub of telecom industry in the last decade or so. Companies from across the world have already lining up here to cash in on the constantly growing opportunities and prospects of the market. From telecom service operators, infrastructure vendors, manufacturers to services firms, everyone is heading towards India to tap the potential in the best possible way. 

Besides the immense growth potential and market capacity, the sector has also been bolstered by the government's decision to enlarge the FDI cap to 74 per cent. Already teeming with enormous prospects and a larger population pool to cater, global investors are trying their best to enter in the market to tap the potential. 

With the lowest tariffs in the world and around 200 million connections to support, the sector has become a cynosure of all eyes. All major players like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, Haier and Motorola have already set up their manufacturing bases to tap the potential of the Indian market. With so many happenings, jobs have also poured in from everywhere to lift the status of the sector to manifold. 

With a team of consultants and researchers, Career Infovision is also supporting the cause of manpower needs of various firms by supplying from a dedicated and qualified pool of professionals. Professionals to top level positions have already been placed with many a major names in the segment.